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Sitting next to all the playbills I’ve collected since moving to New York

Hi, welcome, and thanks for visiting! Wondering about what Show Me Shows is all about? Well, my name is Julia Furay, I live in Brooklyn, and I like to go to the theater. (A lot! A lot a lot!) In fact, I wanted to be a theater critic for many years, but as it turns out writing for yourself is a lot more fun than writing for a professional publication. So I started this blog is March 2014 as an outlet for my thoughts on the shows I see. It’s a labor of love. I try to write reviews on every show I attend, but since I write this blog in my spare time, there have been occasional “skip” shows.

My taste in theater is fairly eclectic: I’m interested in any work that uses the medium to its fullest. Innovative theatrical event? Brash Broadway musical? Kitchen sink drama? Satire? Shakespeare? I’ll take ’em all. As long as the prices are under $50 or so, that is. I get ideas on what to see from the New York Times, the Maxamoo podcast, TDF’s listings, Talkin’ Broadway, and word of mouth.

I work as a librarian when I’m not sneaking off to see another show. If you’re the type who likes credentials, I’ll mention I have degrees in journalism from the University of Missouri, in modern drama from University College Dublin, and in library science from Queens College. In addition to seeing shows, I keep busy watching baseball, exploring vegan restaurants, listening to hot jazz, biking around Brooklyn, swing dancing, and making crafts.

You can reach me on Twitter, on email at  labelgen (1) or by the contact form below.